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You have dedicated your life to serving others. As you transition to the retirement stage of life, we want to help you realize your vision for your post-practice years.

If you have been working with us over the years, we will have a good grasp on your goals. If you are new to our firm, our quest is to organize the components of your portfolio so that you can comfortably maintain your lifestyle and solidify the plans you visualize for your retirement and for your legacy.

As we work jointly to find out what's important to you, our team will serve you by dedicating the resources and time you need to feel confident about your cash flow and asset distribution. We find that putting in this extra work and time results in a plan and strategy that is specifically and individually "you".

How we serve Retirees:

  • Financial organization
  • Investment planning and management
  • Income strategies
  • Risk management
  • Asset distribution
  • Tax strategies*
  • Legacy planning and wealth/estate transfer strategies
  • Ongoing monitoring

*Consolidated Planning will work in consultation with your CPA.