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Medical Students

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We initially help medical students learn about financial anatomy, including terminology and concepts that greatly impact your financial future. We'll help you map out a budget, housing options, and loan management decisions in order to facilitate a smooth transition to residency.

We hope to use this opportunity for us to begin a long-term relationship. Our goal is to help you understand that while you are not yet making money, medical school is the ideal time to learn the principles to employ for a healthy financial lifestyle.

Keep in mind that it's not about how much you make at this point. Instead, medical school is the time to focus on the skills that will allow you to be confident in understanding your budget, potential residency benefits, and housing range now and in residency.

How we serve Medical Students:

  • Financial planning fundamentals: basic education on insurance, investments, etc.
  • Budgeting
  • Loan disbursement management
  • Savings
  • Vision for your future

Transition to Residency:

  • Loan analysis
  • Employee benefits evaluation
  • Rent v. buy