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Mission & Philosophy

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Mission Statement:

We mentor and empower physicians to create quality financial plans through futuristic thinking, practical education, and detailed assessment. Our passion is in providing experiential and intellectual decision-making that builds a financial conscience to enliven the capacity to live more financially sound during medical school, residency, fellowship, practice, and beyond.

Our Values:

Education, Teamwork, Diligence, Collaboration, Service, Fairness, Responsiveness

How are financial planners paid?

There is currently no uniform method by which financial planners are paid. A planner can be paid by a salary paid by the company for which the planner works; by fees based on an hourly rate, a flat rate, or on a percentage of your assets and/or income; by commissions paid by a third party from the products sold to carry out the financial planning recommendations; or by a combination of fees and commissions whereby fees are charged for the amount of work done to develop financial planning recommendations and commissions are received from any products sold.

Why don't we charge fees to students and residents for loan analysis and management?

We have gained in depth knowledge to help you understand and successfully manage your student loans. While significant time and effort is spent working with each loan client, we've chosen not to charge fees to medical students and residents.

How can we rationalize this?

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with you as early as possible in your medical education.

We understand that student loan management is a critical financial planning component for medical students and residents and takes precedence over many other planning items. We also understand that surplus cash is usually scarce during medical school and residency but that your future income potential is excellent.

Most of you will need to purchase financial products like disability and life insurance at some point. Most will also seek guidance on investments and planning for retirement. We're willing to invest in you now for the increased probability that when you're ready to do these things you'll give us the opportunity to compete for your business. Our expertise and experience in student loan management is simply a market differentiator for us and value added service to you.