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Residents And Fellows

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As you move into residency, you will want to have a firm grasp on your income so that you can determine what to do with your surplus. Should you make loan payments? Should you save your surplus? Should you invest in your residency 401K? Even if you do not think you have surplus, we can show you how to create extra cash flow on your set residency income.

Individuals who started this process with us during medical school will be well informed to make smart financial decisions. And residents starting with us at this stage will learn strategies on what to avoid during residency and before transitioning to practice. Making good decisions now can potentially prevent you from making choices that can be difficult to change in your next few years.

Every resident's situation is different so each financial plan requires customization. We acknowledge this by investing time into you. Your intense schedule may not allow you to focus on your finances, and that's why we spend so much energy ensuring that your strategy is aligned with your future goals.

How we serve Residents and Fellows:

  • Student loan analysis
  • Candidacy for Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Employee benefits evaluation
  • Budgeting
  • Protection analysis
  • Insurance implementation
  • Investment education and management
  • Financial advice throughout training

Transition to Practice:

  • Contract review*
  • Home buying decisions
  • Employee benefits
  • Future income assessment

*Consultation provided by third party corporate law attorney who specializes in healthcare-related organizations.