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Financial Advice for the Medical Community
We are a financial services firm working in the medical community. We aim to provide practical knowledge and skills throughout medical school, residency, fellowship, practice, and retirement.

Welcome to Consolidated Planning
We seek to see your vision for the future and then develop strategies to accomplish your goals. We work to minimize your debt, protect your assets, and increase your net worth through our core principles of education, teamwork, and diligence. By providing quality service and sound financial management counsel, we help physicians and other medical professionals develop their understanding of a full financial planning package to protect themselves and their families now and in the future. With our personal ties to the medical community, we know the life of the physician and work with your schedule to accommodate your needs.

Our Process
We work with medical professionals through all stages of their education, employment, and retirement.

Due to your busy schedule, we have found individual webinars to be a great way to introduce you to our firm. Visit this page to sign up and indicate your topics of interest.

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